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Greetings all!
Just wanted to introduce myself as being the first consumer to own an NV200 in California. Picked up an NV200 SV in May 2013, with Power and Tech Pkgs. Also outfitted with Adrian Steel's shelving (single shelf on drivers side), partition wall, and ladder roof racks. If there are any that are curious to see what it looks like, pictures to come soon :).

Thus far I am somewhat satisfied with the vehicle as it has and continues to serve its' purpose well. When I was shopping for a vehicle, I was looking for something with an enclosed space, and decent mileage. Advertised, this vehicle gets 25mpg, but in reality I get more like 22mpg fully loaded. This is still better for me over my titan (that gets more like 14mpg at best).

If I could complain, it would be with the aesthetics - dang its an ugly van!, and with the power. Otherwise its a great vehicle for the economy vs load capabilities. If anyone knows some secret recipes to better fuel economy, please dont hesitate to share. Ty ;)

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Not overly impressed with my 2012 1.5 DCI powered NV only achieving 55mpg at absolute best! That's with a tuning box! Previous to the box I was lucky to see 50!

Usually a hurried motorway/highway burst will only achieve 38-40mpg.

We all know manufactures, have rolling road/lab mpg figures.
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