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Is someone experiencing problem with time always stuck at same hour:min when not connected to iphone?
Most of the time, I'm not connecting my iphone with USB link
Iphone is paired and it connect's thru BluTooth and I could answer an initiate calls...
When I start my truck, unit connects to iphone and after a short while (50% of the time), time appears in the upper-right of the screen.
I realized that time does not run... i,e, it stays 90% of time stuck on same value as when I started truck.
I use truck for delivery and I had to rely on time to be in sync with my appointments and I can't look at my phone when I'm driving...
Nissan updated unit this morning and bug is still there... even worse, 1 hour after I arrived from Nissan, time was same as when I quit Nissan and when I tried to do an off/on to reset all
the time has been reloaded 1 hour late than present time!!!
I could plug my phone but it's really annoying to plug and unplug each time I get in and out... Time is really basic... it should be local, not relying to a connection with a phone!!!
Yes, I try to adjust time manually but if time does not appears when I start vehicule, it's impossible to adjust time manually... function is simply blanked in the menu...
I have last update from Apple... just in case...
Really annoying...

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