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OEN tire lifespan?

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What's the official rated lifespan of the OEM tires? Most tired are 60k. miles. This is for a 2013 USA 2.0l model. I'm asking because the 200 I am considering buying has the tires replaced at 27k miles and I'm wondering if that indicates a problem or not.
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Lots of complaints of premature tire wear. I have just under 3k miles on my van and I'm already down at 8-9/32nds when it was 11/32nds new. At this rate I shouldn't see more than 15k out of them.

Don't really care because these tires are junk. Noisy in turns and expensive. I plan on upping on tire size but only after I figure out how NV200s handle tire size changes. I did 225/55/17 rear and 215/50/17 front on it today and it wasn't pretty(went into limp mode, multiple lights)
Is it a problem with the OEM tires, or an alignment issue of some sorts? In other words, if I simply change out to non-OEM aftermarket tires, would that solve the problem? I am fine with taking a hit on the load carrying capacity as I never haul more than 500 lbs anyway.
Old thread..But who cares right?
These things eat tires. We have 6 or 8 or so. The 2015 came with different tires than the 2017 and newer ones. The later have continentals and I can't recall what the 15' had, they're long gone. I have to keep the tires rotated fairly often 6000-10000kms. The fronts wear way faster than the rears. We run nexen winter tires for the winter(obviously) and they're no better, even from new the nexen tires have a rounded or buldged tread pattern. And that's just how the tires wear too, both outsides of the tire wear before the center regardless of what location they are on the van.
I don't know how this compares to other vans like the ford transit(little one) or dodge promaster city though. Maybe they suck too?
I really dislike the continental's. Doesn't leave many choices. Michelin Agilis Cross Climate make a 185/60/R15C but unidirectional. They get outstanding reviews, but...
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