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Parking Sensors -

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How to - parking sensors fitting...

Hi Everyone,....

Saw a thread on here, about some one stripping down the front end of an NV200 so I thought about doing the same to the back end and fitting these ......

which was actually quite easy so I decided to try my hand at doing a "How to Guide" please bear with me as its my first ever attempt...

Please also note that I accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for any consequences of following this guide, all risks are undertaken by the person doing the job.

Dont be put off, its really quite easy..

All you need is a 10mm spanner or socket wrench, phillips screwdriver, small flat screwdriver, scotch lock electrical connector,s basic tools and the kit above which I bought from fleebay for £16.99....oh and a rubber grommet to fit a 10mm hole..

First step - pop out the poppers from the middle and remove -
you need to use a small screwdriver or similar, prize out the
centre section then pull the whole popper out, be careful not
to lose any, there are 7 in total -

theres four between the top of the bumper and below the boot (trunk) seal, and three more
underneath, you will have to get on your back, but they are easy enough to find.
Next undo the bolt and remove the rubber bump stops each side -

Then there are two bolts each side to the rear of the wheel arches, the lower is a 10mm
bolt and the upper is a 10mm Screw / Self tapper bolt ? any way, remove both each side..

this is the upper one - (sorry about the photo quality)

and the lower one....

So Three bolts each side, and seven poppers, and the whole rear section is ready
to come off.. start by pulling out the sides at each side...just behind the wheels - pull outwards.

Then with a bit of pulling backwards and wiggling the rear section will be free....

Thoughtfully, Included in the kit is the hole cutter tool, use this to carefully mark out & cut t the
holes in the bumper and also hollow out the foam insert a bit to take the back of the sensor, sorry,
I forgot to photograph this part of the guide. insert each sensor into the bumper and thread the
wires to the near side, I secured these with cable ties.

remove these two bolts and remove the rear lamp unit -
You can just see the control box in this picture by the screwdriver

Locate and identify the wires leading to the reverse light, (Red & Black on mine)

next you need to drill a 10mm hole and pass the wires inside the Vehicle.. I chose this position below the light unit.

and threaded the wires first through a grommet then inside the body...then press the grommet in place.
next remove the lower plastic panel/grille inside the vehicle by removing 2 screws..

feel down and and pull up the wires into the vehicle...I then removed the plastic panel / storage cubby above the grille
which is held in with six poppers (not the same ones) these just pull out but be careful as they tend to fly out in all

Behind this I mounted the control box, and the bleeper, using the self adhesive strips attached. the box has six connections, 4 are the sensors, one is the bleeper,
the remaining one is the Power - The Red wire connects to the red wire from the reverse lamp bulb (located earlier) and the black connect to earth -

This is the beeper and the power supply lead -

This is where I linked into the reverse light wire, I thought the black would be an earth, but it never worked so I earthed it separately

Carefully re-mount the bumper, put key in ignition, switch on, and check... mine worked first time, Also check individual sensors to make sure all four work.

Rebuild is simply a straight reversal of the removal procedure..

And that's it Chaps....Piece of Cake !! well almost...
it took me about an hour or a bit more....

and now I have a bit more protection when I reverse......
as if the camera isn't enough !!!

Hope this guide helps someone else...
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Hi Guys,

Just updated as I sussed how to link the pictures direct...
Many thanks for this guide, I'll add this to my list of jobs.
The reversing camera isn't always visible behind the steering wheel so this is an inexpensive bit of added reassurance when reversing.

I do miss the reversing mirror on the tailgate of my imported Japanese home market vans!
The positioning of the rear camera monitor is next to useless. I'm currently trying to find something that will let me connect the existing cameratop my aftermarket head unit. Not finding anything UK based or anything with comprehensive information.
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