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Photos of the new van

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So as a proud new owner, here are my photos of "baby Huey"
I had the windows tinted with SolarGuard which is a highly heat reflective film on the doors and also provides clear view at night. The rear doors, I went with Limo tint to keep prying eyes out...
It is a fully loaded (as loaded as they get) North American market van. I opted to delete the plastic wheel covers in favor of the silver steelies. When those tires wear out, I may consider larger wheels and tires on nicer rims.

Inspiration for this van came from visiting the auto show in Phoenix over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. When I first saw it, I thought it to be a cute small and useful fan to add to the business.

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If they have a 5-passenger or even a 7-passenger version, I'll definitely buy it.
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