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Please post your introductions here

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Welcome to NV200Forum! We like to get to know our new members a bit better. Tell us a bit about yourself, your driving history, and what made you look into the NV200!

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New member Cambridgeshire UK.
Just bought a new NV200 dci 89 van 13 Reg. This vehicle will be my main domestic transport and not used commercially. I drove a pick up truck for eight years which I loved but the fuel costs became to high and so I bought a Toyota hatch back 1330cc, but with camping, bikes and the dog it didn't quite do the job. So here I am with a van.. Have done 350 miles with an average mpg. reading of 52 which is not far off the Toyota and is reassuring. Like the truck its not a car but the advantages out weigh the disadvantages for me and its nice to have an elevated driving position again.
Looking forward to many happy miles.
Hope to convert to basic over night camper / dog kennel!.
Hello Black van nice to have you along! Welcome aboard. Good mpg figures already, I struggled with mine for a while.......it seems they get better the 'looser' they get.
Hi, I am a new comer here, a soon-to-be-retired now working my last couple of months in Africa. Had given plenty of thoughts about what I want to do after retirement. Converting a small van for home country travels and occasional ventures into neighboring countries was a constant recurring thought...so much so that I started to lurk around campervan forums and found this NV200 site. I am particularly interested in the NV200 because this model was recently introduced into my home country as a CKD (Completely Knocked Down) for re-assembly, therefore much cheaper than importing a CBU (Completely Built-up Unit). I only need a small van for myself living single on-board with a middle weight touring motorcycle carried inside the van. The VN200 seems to fit. Anybody done similar with a motorbike carried inside?
Owner of a Nissan NV 200 Van

My name is Steve and I live in western Colorado. I am not really the owner of the van. The bank actually owns it and they let me drive it as long as I make payments.
I have had it about 6 months and have put over 11,000 miles on it. I bought it to use for extended road trips. I recently returned from a 4715 mile road trip that ran 18 nights. Of those 18 nights I spent 16 in the van.
I am in the process of retrofitting the van and adding storage and entertainment system.
Hi, I've had my Nissan NV200 SV for only a couple of months, and I'm very happy there is now a forum for us NV200 owners. I've used full size, US made vans for many years in my construction business. I have recently switched to working part time, and plan on traveling a lot more, so the NV200 fits the bill. Going from 13 MPG to 26 MPG is very nice. While I have installed shelving in my new van, I have no plans to upfit my van for camping or work much beyond what I have already done. I'm used to backpacking and cycle touring with minimal gear, so I'm just happy that I can travel light and sleep in the back of my new van when I'm on the road.
Loving my new ride

I have had my NV200 for about 6 weeks now and am enjoying it. I am using it to commute to my long distance job and sleep in the nights I stay at work. I am slowly modifying the interior and am interested if anyone finds premade interior panels.
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hi , i am Erwin and i live in the Flanders region of Belgium , with my 54 years i have a lot of driving experience in vans and utility cars . since i am looking for a single multi use van i was surprised by the price and possibility's for the Nissan Evalia .
i have already used it for camping trips ( with a small caravan and as a camper to visit festivals and dog competitions )
last year i made some mod's to take my dogs and the caravan on the holiday to austria and it was a succes , on flat roads i could drive with no problems 115km/h ( i did go to 126 read on the garmin gps ) but on a steeper road i had to slow down , but overall i love the driving of the car , later i will post som pictures of my transformations
My name is Steve and I live in western Colorado. I am not really the owner of the van. The bank actually owns it and they let me drive it as long as I make payments.
I have had it about 6 months and have put over 11,000 miles on it. I bought it to use for extended road trips. I recently returned from a 4715 mile road trip that ran 18 nights. Of those 18 nights I spent 16 in the van.
I am in the process of retrofitting the van and adding storage and entertainment system.
LOL....ain't that the truth!
Aloha from Kauai Hawaii,
Just purchased a 2014 NV200SV and just looking for info and tips on this little Jewel. I see most of you are primarily outside the USA and I have to say I'm a little jealous that everyone but the US gets Diesel engines. One day they'll wake up here in the US. I'm on the Island of Kauai and I up until lately only rode Harleys and a 2000 Dodge Ram just sat in the driveway rusting. Someone offered a nice price for it so I sold it. Then after 45 years of riding I had 2 accidents in less than a month..... Wake-up call? Maybe! I needed a vehicle. I think the wife was tired of shuttling me around. As a kid growing up in Southern California, I had a 1958 VW panel delivery bus with double side doors on both sides and no side or rear windows.... Enter the NV200. Not the 58' delivery (wish I still had it) but close enough. I'm also a Ham Radio operator, NH6HI, and plan to put a mobile station in it.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


hi all,

i,m from boston in the uk.

i own a 2011 van with 83000 miles on it
Kia Ora - hello from New Zealand. We have purchased a second hand NZ200 ex Japan. Really happy with it. Great for the delivery work that we do, Great for taking the surf gear to the beach. Loads of room. Existing delivery vehicles that we use are Toyota Hiace, Nissan Vanette, and a few station wagons.
Hoping to get some help from other users for any minor issues that I find along the way. So far my only complaint about the van is it's turning circle...no where near as good as the Vanette or the much bigger Hiace.....but it is a much better ride.


Peter (Sarje)
Howdy from snowy Colorado,
I have a '13 Black SV and I really like it. I drive it empty most of the time. It says I am getting 29 MPG , which seems about right. Easy to park. I can fit a motorcycle in it. Quite reliable at 22k miles. Fantastic utility.

There are a few annoyances:
Got a whistle around the driver's side window.
Sorry, got carried away.
Great little van.
I'm from Leicestershire in the UK. We have the Lunar conversion to a camper car. Only done 1000 miles so far on two trips, one to Norfolk and one to Wiltshire but seeing 41.8 mpg. Looking for a copy of the Nissan wiring diagram so I can see where the Lunar extras are connected.
Hi from sunny Yorkshire in the UK. I've just bought a white 2013 NV200 that's done 15,000 miles. Bought it as a runabout for my wife as she wanted a van! I drive a double cab Nissan Navara.
First job is to fit some bigger wheels than the tiny 14" rims we get in the UK. Have seen a set 16" alloys with 195/55 R16 tyres for sale quite cheap so thinking of fitting those.
I just want to be mind assured my nv200 is a diesel euro 5 engine.I had a little problem with the particulate filter it had to be regenerated now all is ok. But I am not sure if before the red malfunction light use to be on the warning lights when key is turned on. For sure now the orange malfunction light is on but the red one not is this normal. I've attached a photo of how my dashboard. Thanks for any help.


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Hi everyone. Brian here. We got our 2015 NV200 a couple months ago - a white SV with rear glass & the better audio / nav package. Dealer threw in the exterior appearance trim as part of the deal. So far we're happy with it. Just got the 5k oil change and tire rotation done. No indications of any bad tire wear. Hopefully the tire problem is solved or we just got lucky.

We chose the NV200 because we want a vehicle for three functions - daily driver, occasional hauler, and weekend camper. I've started some work on the camper requirements and will post some info / photos soon.

Hope we can spark some interest in this forum, it seems kind of slow!
My name is Jon and I recently (9-15-15) purchased an NV200 SV. My plan is to convert the van into a camper. I traveled around Iceland this summer for two weeks in a converted Renault Kanroo and had a great time. I expect to road test and iterate the design over the next 6 months. After that, I may come out with a conversion kit for the NV200 and Ford Transit Connect.

Best regards,

Hello !!!

A BIG HELLO to all the members. My name is Ken and I'm posting from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I purchased my 2010 NV200 a few months ago to use as a little run around and for moving my disco gear when needed, but have now decided to do a conversion after looking at some of the fab jobs that you guys have done. I've already started buying in the some bits as I intend to do the fitting myself ( I have a hammer). I'm keeping it as a low roof conversion, but want the actual fit out to be similar to yours in most other ways. So I am hoping for some great advice along the way and I'll do the obligatory photo updates to show how its all coming along. Who knows, maybe I will be able to attend the UK's first NV200 social event....
Hi! New member from Parkersburg, WV. U.S.A. The company I work for has had these NV200s for a little over a year, and I thought I'd join so I could learn a little more about them. Ours are lease vehicles. We've already been through the tire thing. Lasted about 15k.
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