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Question about interior rear view mirror

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Hi All,

I recently had back windows professionally installed on my panel van in order to help with rearward visibility. However, because my van didn't originally come with back windows, it also didn't come with an interior rear view mirror. Now, it shouldn't be too tough to get a factory mirror (in fact, this site has one for pretty cheap: here) my only problem is that I don't really know what would go into installing it. It looks like you just screw it into the headboard... but I'd rather not go in blindly drilling holes into my ceiling. Does anyone have any experience doing this kind of thing? Any help is welcome. Thanks!
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Yes, it is screwed into the headboard in a triangular recess - when I saw a van without windows it did have the indent there.
Be aware, the roof is made of cheese and remove/bend at your peril
(UK van)
There will be pre drilled holes in the middle of the roof by the windshield. good luck
Thanks for the replies guys!

A question for you GLJoneson, is there any way to know where the pre-drilled holes are? If you put the factory rear view mirror assembly in the triangular recess, does it line up with the holes that are on the other side of the headboard?
It does ..if you feel where the holes should be they will close to that area close to middle of the windshield and down about 1/2 to 3/4 inch
Thank you for the information, you've been very helpful!
Hi All,

factory mirror (in fact, this site has one for pretty cheap: here)
Does that factory mirror have a electronic compass?

If not, does anyone have a recommended replacement?

Even with no back windows it is nice to have a compass. :D
Hello Bubs,
I am from Canada and added new windows to the van. Wanted to know if the installation of your mirror went fine? Were the holes at the appropriate position? Do you have any recomendation before I make my holes?

Thank you!
one thing to watch out for is use brass screws if you don't want to affect the radio reception, with the Arial just behind the mirror mount found the radio was afected

also a rubber between the screen ant the mirror bracket stops vibration in your view
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