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Hi all, I have joined this forum as I have a problem with my key fob for my 2009 NV200 GX Vanette. I've owned my van for nearly 2 years. It came with one Intelli-key and a spare thin shell key with transponder. I wanted to add a second genuine Nissan Intelli-key that I had purchased, so went to my local Nissan workshop. Not only did they erase my existing keys, including Intelli-key, but they couldn't program the Intelli-key back in, so now I can only use my thin key without keyless entry and prox.
As I am a locksmith, I did try to do it myself with a couple of diagnostic devices, but I had no luck.
We can get right to the part where you need to press a button on the fob to register the key, but it always fails.
Does anyone have any ideas? If Nissan can't even do it, what hope do I have?
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