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Has anyone had the rear tires on an NV200 wearing unevenly? One of the vans in our fleet is wearing the rear tires on the inside (2016 model year). We check tire pressure regularly and all our vans are loaded the same. We haven't seen the problem on any other van.

I found a post related to uneven rear tire wear in a different forum. The OP stated that Nissan was aware of the issue and replaced the rear axle on his van with a different p/n. I'm about to schedule it for a dealer visit, but wanted to know if this is a common issue with earlier NV200s.

And off topic question.
Ok seeing I can't afford a new performance trans to go behind my 5.7 and when I asked the local trans shop if they would build a beefy trans to hold at least 400 hp they told me to go to summit or jegs. So I decided I'll try it myself. I got a 78-79 th350 non lock up and got it half way apart vb-pump-ect.

Now I'm looking for a good place to buy the rebuild kit that I need with all the bushings and thrust washers I need and I'd like to stuff the 5 clutches in and go with a transgo shift kit I found this, what can you say.
Lookingt to throw around 350-450 hp at it in my 82 c10 LWB.

Any input on a good kit with everything I need and a good rebuild manual?
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