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Rear Wheel well

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Anyone know what the plastic covers in the rear wheel wells are covering? I drive 10 miles of gravel a day and I'm afraid they will destroy whatever is there. Thanks
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I guess the first question has to be, "where are you?" Here in the US, they don't sell a passenger version of the NV-200. Thus mine are obviously metal wheel wells. If you are somewhere else where a passenger version is sold, I would assume you have plastic interior pieces over metal wheel wheels.
I am located in Montana and I have a US version SV cargo van. The Rear wheels both have a plastic cover mounted on the rear of the metal wheel well with a wire running in from the bottom. Thanks for any help.
I called Nissan yesterday. The Plastic boxes are covers for the electrical junction going to the rear light assembly. Thanks for your help
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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