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Hi all,

Just registered to the site so hello, I have done some mods on my van such as changing then rear brake light to a camera (do not go for the dolphin parking sensor one it does not fit) and replacing head unit with a pioneer f60dab so if you need advice on any of this please ask.

So my issue, has anyone else had the red engine malfunction light on with loss of power? Seems as if the turbo isn't kicking in.

My NV200 is 2010 with 35k miles on the clock and my issue started gradually first of all the red light came on for a while when on the motorway at about 60mph and then went off and the van was fine this happened a few times then nothing for about a month. Today it came on when I started the van and stayed on for my journey of about 20 miles with loss of power.

Any advice or information would be helpful.


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