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OK So in this cold the other day my van started SLOW starting
I left it for a few days and then it wouldnt start at freezing cold temps - so had to jump it and let it charge for 30 minutes - was able to somewhat work after that but all kinds of lights on the dash about traction control and check engine etc. and it actually went into limp mode in a local tunnel - UGH
Got battery tested and should be at 470CCA for the OEM battery and it died around 210CCA according to local parts store - so I needed a new battery

I really used to be a fanboy of Optima but no longer - lately they have not been nearly as good as they used to be and I had two die on me within 2 years - so I looked at the competition and decided on Odyssey batteries and so far I love it. It does have a little bit of bling too with the gold plated terminals - sales gimmic
Odyssey's site says that I should get the - ODS-AGM42LMJA with 540CCA for retail of $323
ODS-AGM42LMJA (PC1200MJT) ODYSSEY Extreme Series Battery | ODYSSEY® Battery
I took all kinds of measurements and although I thought I would have to make a few modifications, I decided on the ODP-AGM35 with 765CCA

I was ready to modify the plastic and metal tray and the surrounding shields and plastics, but I put it in there and it is PERFECT. ZERO modifications other than no battery blanket around it. Fits in the stock plastic battery traay and uses the stock tie down. The only thing that I had to do was put it in backwards which I knew when I ordered it - Check the pictures and I am very happy now.

Just in case you want the Optima here is the D35 at 620CCA about $300 - YELLOWTOP® D35

I was really considering the Optima but found this from Autozone in the us for $277 and couldn't pass it up - it was a pain getting them to sell me a battery their computer said would not fit in my van, but I am now very happy.
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