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(2016 UK van with factory alarm etc)

Over the weekend we were away camping again, and were out and about and it dumped down like a monsoon. Anyway, whether it was that, or the key fob was pressed in my pocket, or whatever, the remote key fob refused to work when we got back to the van.... The LED lit so looked like battery was OK.
Only way to get in was use key to unlock door manually, and hence the Nissan alarm goes off and you look an idiot - and you can't turn it off from the fob.....
So useful info :)
Start the engine turns the (factory) alarm off
To reset key fob
  • Close doors.
  • Open driver door, get in, close driver door
  • Press "lock" button on centre console (and leave locked)
  • Put key in and turn ignition to fully on (not starting engine)
  • Press button on fob
  • (lights flash)
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