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Rock and Roll Bed

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Hello Everyone,
i lived in Dublin Ireland.I just bought a nisssan nv200 campervan with the intention of converting it to a campervan.
The first thing i will be doing is to get someone to install windows.
I would like to order in the uk a rock and roll bed
Can someone guide me please what is the dimension of the frame?
thank you in advance for your reply
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I have just purchased this bed and built it up, it is 107cm wide suited us better to be a wider bed (some people have gone down the custom built bed)


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Thank you banzai565. Is it m1 pull tested?

Looks nice :)
It isn't m1 tested I found that you could get them m1 tested from the likes of rustylee, but if you go down a custom size they won't be m1 tested so you only have the option I believe of buying the the one whatever size it is they offer that's m1 tested.

We bought this specific one so that we can keep the kitchen at a reasonable depth and means we don't have to have too much hanging over for the worktop when we fit the smev sink and cooker

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