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Rock n Roll seat/bed delivered :) (Rusty Lee)

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And how chuffed am I!
See http://www.doyourdream.co.uk/2016/05/nv200-seat-and-bed-rusty-lee-rock-roll/

Not fitted yet, and doing boards & headrests later today.
But, perfect size for NV200 (to our spec) so if you want bigger you can.
We went just <1m wide, a little higher (so loo fits underneath) and slightly shorter.
But the amount of usable space is superb, and we can access loo with bed down (just!).
Not the cheapest, but the quality and strength is unbelievable and the belted seats are very well braced and the best you could hope for.

Clearly not fitted yet - and upholstery being done by a local company in a few weeks.
As all of the furniture is based around the bed, the bed had to be brilliant, and it is. Bit of a gamble for us, but paid off
The makers (Rusty Lee) are really very good.

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I went for the 40inch wide to allow me to have 400mm deep furniture at the widest point, mine is 6 foot long so glad fitted the sliding rail to the passenger seat.

40" - its metric man! :)
Mine is 95cm, but the safety belt bolts protrude which take it to 99cm. Prefered to go smaller as you can easily "space" either side 10-30mm without issue if needed, as it is we'll have maybe 10mm. The 2x 100AH batteries will fit too :)
Lots of work to do now though...
I want for 95cm wide. With the seatbelt mounts it is about 105cm. Fitted great until I put the back board on. Be careful you need a very large corner cutout so the bed will go to the back of the van when it is in its seat position.
Ah you went with a seat that has a little seat on the back. These fit mutch better than the one I got. Hind sight is a great thing ?
Yes, designed and measured that corner before ordering so that was made for us.
The rear seat can't be used as a seat as the roof above the doors is too low. That area is, for us, storage for bedding as its out of the way.
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