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Smoother Suspension Upgrades

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I'm interested in any experience or thoughts re upgrades to make my ride a little smoother or more car-like. I use my 2017 van in place of a car/truck and for occasional camping. I'm happy with it except for the stiff suspension, much harsher than the Chev Colorado I switched from. I'm not knowledgeable enough to know if there are practical options to consider or if I just need to learn to live with it. Thanks for any insights.
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To add to the post, I checked the tire pressure (as received from the dealer), and discovered all tires were 4 to 5 lbs over the Nissan recommended numbers. I deflated to just under the recommended psi (I'm not carrying much cargo) and the ride is a bit softer. Now wondering, when the time comes, if new softer riding tires are the best answer. Any one tried better tires?
You know tire pressures are 44 psi front and 48 psi rear right? The tires that come stock are load rated to the cargo capacity of the van.
Hal that depends on your tyre and wheel size which differ between US and UK markets (US15 inch UK 14 inch) and the load you carry.
You can get airbag suspension upgrades for NV 200s
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