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Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to pinpoint a rattle that happens when I get to around 70mph (sometimes at lower speeds on bumpy roads) and I’ve finally located it to be the steering column. The part of the steering column that you can see when looking next to the brake pedal is what vibrates/rattles when at higher speeds.

Is there meant to be any play in these at all? If I grab it and move up and down I can feel some up and down play, only a couple of millimetres, but when it’s vibrating when driving it doesn’t seem to be in an up and down direction.

There doesn’t seem to be any play in the universal joints from what I can see (although the lower one is somewhat rusty), but there is a bit of play on the upper UJ where it attaches to the steering system at the top, behind the steering wheel. I’ve attached a photo with some crude arrows drawn on to show the location and direction of the movements. The bolts are all fully tight. Is this play normal?

Thank you for any tips or help you can give me!
Jared :)

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