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Hi guys. First post. I have a 2017 NV200 in black. It is very custom and I plan to post pics soon. Here is my question.

Mine did not come with the steering wheel audio controls but I found a used steering wheel that did and pulled the controls. Looks like it’s just an 8-pin harness and a green wire that connects to the air bag assembly.

I have not taken my wheel apart yet but I am HOPING that the female end for above harness will be there despite the fact that my van was not equipped. Seems to me that it’s easier to make all the steering wheels the same although they could have left them out to save a buck

Does anyone know what to expect under there? What do you think my odds are? Could it be this easy? 🙂


Signforcegallery on instagram if you want to see some photos until I get to that!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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