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We have a 2021 NV200 we use for work. Recently our catalytic converter was stolen. Since the van has less than 20k miles on it, it is still under warranty for another 80k miles or 3.5 years. The price at Midas was $2200 to repair however Nissan said that we would void our warranty. We ended up having to go to the dealer and use OEM parts however the replacement cost ended up being $4300. Fortunately the insurance covered the costs.

We have been searching for a protective shield for the cats to prevent this from happening again however we do not like the wire versions and there is only one other company that provides two metal boxes to cover both cats. The issue with this is that the product is $500 and they say it takes 3 to 4 hours for a shop to install. With installation it would cost almost $1000. after a lot of research we found another company out of Washington State that has a really nice one-piece shield that is priced at $399. It also bolts to factory points and no additional drilling/mounting was needed. It looked relatively simple to install.

We decided to order the shield. We received it within a week however it did not fit our van. The company that makes it has been super responsive and is trying to get a hold of a 2021 NV200 to see what the issue is. They said that anyone who is in the area that has this year of van that they would be willing to bring in for them to look at, they would make and install a free shield for them. We would so it in a minute however we are in Florida so we cannot go into their shop. The company is...

Torklift International and the contact is Darrel Hagglund. Tel 800-246-8132 and he can be reached at the customer service extension. They are located in Kent Washington, about 10 to 15 miles south of Seattle. If anyone is interest, please call him. As soon as they can make sure one fits, we can then order one. It is important to us that we get a shield as soon as possible because we don't want our cats stolen a second time and theft is huge right now for catalytic converters in central Florida.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

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We had a few cats stolen from the Nv200's over the last year. Originally they stole both the front and rear ones so I replaced them with some not-so-great fitting aftermarket replacements. The last handful of times they only stole the rear cats, so I asked the boss wth bother replacing it. It'll still function without it. Besides, one of the used Nv200's that was just purchased had the rear cat already deleted...

So I found a chunk of exhaust pipe, expanded one end and welded it where the rear cat used to go. Fit great. No engine light and it's not noticeably louder than before. Can't steal it if it isn't there. We don't have emission testing here so I guess this isn't an option if you have to deal with that kinda thing.

I saw some shops offer to engrave your vin or license plate number.....Don't bother. It's a waste of time, the people buying these things don't care.

I'm pretty sure you guys in the US have some Magnuson Moss act so they may be able to void your engine warranty if you don't re-install the cats, they shouldn't deny the rest of your warranty(other than emission stuff obviously) like your transmission or radiator.

As for prevention, well...If you bought something made for a North American market nv200 then it should have fit. We have 2015-2021 nv200's and they all use the same exhaust afaik. The body didn't change at all. The only real difference I noticed was under the hood, the ac lines are different when they switched to the 1234 ac refrigerant instead of r134. Somewhere around 2019 or 2021? Otherwise, they're identical.

Maybe they sold you something for an NV1500 or 2500 instead of an NV200? Who knows, it doesn't make any sense why it wouldn't fit otherwise.
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