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super loud

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I started my van this morning and its super loud. I've heard about catalytic converters being stolen -- where do I look to see if this is why it is super loud?!

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Crawl underneath and look at the rusty pipe that runs the length of the van. Chances are someone stole your cat. It's becoming pretty common with these things.
Yes it is gone & a whole length of exhaust :(
I'm going to put a bear trap under there from now on (after its fixed)
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That sucks! There are 2 other threads about the same thing. We've had a ton of cats stolen at my work over the last 5 years. Recently they started going for the nv200 cats. There are two under there, the rear one is pretty easy and the one they've been taking from us the most. Now I just weld in a piece of pipe in place of the rear one. If you don't have emission testing in your area, that's a good alternative to having it stolen over and over. No check engine light and it's not noticeably louder. The front one is necessary otherwise you'll have a check engine light on all the time and it may run like pooh.
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