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For those with the tech package. Can you change the view on the review camera to make it wider ?

The one i tested the sales guy said it was fixed and it seems the like point down to much and the view was not wide.

The NV 200 did not have review windows.

Also how is the rear view camera performance at Night?

I am thinking i prefer a van with the rear windows but the particular SV with the Tech is a great price.


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I just played with a 17' tech package NV my work just bought and I couldn't change the view. It seems the only adjustment all you can do is remove the pointless parking lines from the screen and adjust the brightness. It's hard to find nv200's with windows in Canada so I imagine the same in the States? The dealer I talked to said most people don't windows to keep would be thieves from looking in but they don't cost much to add if you order a new van. Aftermarket windows are expensive to add on after the fact. Aftermarket camera's seem ok, but then you need to mount a screen somewhere and then fish wires. The only thing the tech package adds is the back up camera and the fancy head unit with navigation,xm radio,usb port and aux input below the shifter.
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