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This one will make u think

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I own a 2013 nv200
I unfortunately got into a front end collision in the van.
With a good outcome no one was hurt including me.
After a full repair of the van( new fenders,hood,new air bag, seat belts repaired, air bag module reset) got it running again and was good for about 2 weeks.
Brought it to the garage for 1st thing that popped up, the maf.
Now, after 2 reprogrammed ecu, and replacement ipdm, and a full wiring diagram for the van these are the codes:
Now, keep in mind I did all the testing for shorts and opens by making sure I had continuity between the computer and the sensors ect...
Running out of ideas of what the issue could be.
Now, it starts and rough idles. The throttle doesnt respond.
Need help, ideas
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I had one 2017 or 18 Nv that would randomly loose throttle. Dealer fired the parts cannon at it and it worked for a year then problem came back. In the end they replaced the entire engine wiring harness and it has been good for a few years now.
I had a 2015 that would throw maf codes. My records show I replaced the maf but I'm positive there was a broken wire under the hood near where the maf harness clips to the airbox.

I wouldn't completely rule out broken, corroded or wires hanging on by a few strands. I'd be slicing open the harness at any sharp bends or where it's zip tied or cliped in place. Pull on the wires at the connectors and see if any pull out. These things are poorly assembled especially the wiring.
Could be I guess a strand just enough to make contact. I did replace the harness with another one and it did the exact same thing, so not inclined to buy a new one until I get this issue 100% figured out. Also some other parts bombs done,
New throttle body, peddle assembly, Maf sensor, battery.
The problem digging deeper is the computer will not send the signal to the relay inside the ipdm to give the throttle body power to operate. Again, I have replaced the computer several times, and programmed to my van.
Question, could this be the result of a crank or cam sensor issue and a code not showing for it?
That I don't know. Anything is possible. I had an 04 Armada that we bought used. After a few months it would randomly lose throttle(only when the wife drove it in traffic heading home from work). No codes at first but eventually, it spit out a code for the cam sensor. Replaced the sensor and that took care of that. Then we sold it cause 12mpg and it had a ton of other problems. Maybe reload the parts cannon? Can you check live data for those sensors to see if they do anything, maybe do the wiggle test see if anything changes with just key on?

I don't have a service manual for these things so I've just been winging it for the last 8 years lol
Thanks for the advice. Cam and crank sensors are alot cheeper than engine wire harness!! Parts Canon it is.
If this fails I'm thinking aftermarket ecu with custom wire job. Perks of being an electrician.
Be sure to post how that works out! We have a dozen or so of these things now in the fleet so I'd like to hear how you get yours figured out. My only other guess would be a possible bad or broken ground wire(s).
My 05 Dodge diesel died on me coming home from camping last summer 5hrs from home. It would crank but no go, the tach wouldn't move and the theft light was lit on the cluster. Eventually found a corroded ground wire right at the battery terminal that was previously repaired with a cheapo crimp connector. Turned out it was the ground wire for the ecu....
That solved/explained the random engine stumble that would happen once in a blue moon for the previous 3 years where it felt like the key was turned off and back on quickly while driving down the road that I could never figure out.
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