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Thought I'd post my experience with the tires so far....

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I've put about 7900 miles on the NV since I owned it, bought new in Oct 14. Took it in, dealer says tires should be rotated, so they did, next day, awful ride, smells like rubber burning, fuel economy down to 18.9 from usual 24. Take it back, they tell me the tires are defective, but they cannot do anything for me, new ones are $160 each.
I deal with it for awhile, stewin over it. Contact Nissan North America, they say no car mfr. warranties tires, but give me the number for JK Tornel co that makes the tires. I contact them, they give me a claim number, give me an email address (that hasnt worked since they gave it to me), called them again, again, again. No reponse, got tired of it.
So I went to my local Tire Store, got lower weight rated tires (I use this van for my work, but only carry around 300 pounds in it usually) Bridgestone Ecopia's, 84 weight rating. Van handles amazing, the tires advertise that they will give you an increase in mpg, I was like "yeah right", now I have had mpg of 27 even 28.2 at the most highway. But its mostly around 24.5 mpg mixed city/highway AVG.
Tire dealer says the 84 rated tires, in Bridgestone, are more than likely good for 200 pounds over the written rating anyway, and I am well under it regardless. I plan on weighing the van loaded when I get a chance. The tires dont even squat any, and hold the same air pressure almost as the America Cargo tires. The tire dealer wants me to come back in the near future so they can monitor the wear, they tell me they would like to even drop the pressure some since the van isnt that heavy with my gear in it, if the tires wear well as they are.
I will say its also much much better in the snow now, JK Tornel is a ****hole company in my opinion, I cant believe Nissan chose them for these tires. Great van, bad tires.
I may step up my harassment compaign soon to get new tires from JK even though they are garbage still im sure.
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^^Interesting. That sucks the originals only lasted that long! That's insane. Nissan needs to step up and help owners overcome this.

Which shop did you get the new tires at? Is it a national chain? Only asking because I think some are refusing to install anything less and 94 load rating.

Sounds like the new tires are working out great though!
Got my new tires at a local "Tires Plus" location.
Interesting reading amanda11270. Thanks for posting that.
Hello amanda11270, I am working for JK Tornel and I am very sorry you had that bad experience with our tires. If you are willing to give me the opportunity to provide a better service please send me a mail ([email protected]). I will do my best effort to solve your claim
Hey Fred-

Thanks for your interest here. I'd hope to hear a response on the forums as a NV200 owner, as the tire issue seems to be one of if not the biggest issue with the NV200. Mine has please me so much in all ways, and hope my pleasure continues through the miles.
I am with you...on just went thru my 2nd set of JK's...Van is a 2015 bought in Oct/14...getting about 9 thousand on the JK tires...I to have stepped up my complaints to Nissan...and just last week they allowed me to put my 2nd set of new tires on the van at 16,000 miles...not including the 1st set gone at 9000 miles...my Van is my everyday vehicle I love it too...use it for dog shows and never ever close to the weight it says it can carry...interesting that you smell the hot burning rubber too...they acted like when I told them the same thing they had never heard it before HUM..Nissan whats up...anyway I just bought the Vanco 4 Season tires Nissan is reimbursing me now for them thru Nissan Commercial..taking a trip to Flagstaff AZ from CA this weekend hope they old up in the heat...keep us posted I will too...
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