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Hey all,

After pondering and reading over all the posts on tires, I think I have narrowed down a replacement tire for my 50k stock tires on my 2015 NV200.

Yes I actually got 50k miles on the stock tire and actually only the back passenger is pretty bad, but nonetheless time to change.

So I decided between the following 2 - and am not really sure what the difference is between the two. Looking for advice and to see if theres any new choices for us a replacement tire that has come about that Im not aware of.

Heres the tires :



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Those are interesting tires. What tire pressures do they run or will the tire pressure sensors be a problem?
Hi I am new to the forum and am researching the tire issue prior to purchase.

I too am concerned about the tire life and costs related to the nv200. This link has some info from late 2013 that describes the new small tire, high load rated tires mandated for the smaller commercial vans in Europe :


Euro-metric Commercial Sized Tires: The arrival of the newest global vans brings with it expanded use of Euro-metric Commercial sized tires identified with a C following the rim diameter in their size (not to be confused with Load Range C). Euro-metric Commercial sized tires are rated to carry significantly more load than their dimensionally equivalent LT-metric sized tires popular in North America.

The Nissan NV200 uses 185/60R15C 94/92T Euro-metric Commercial sized tires. Standard Load Euro-metric and P-metric 185/60R15 sized tires are assigned an 84 Load index and Extra Load P-metric tires only have an 88 Load index (all of which must have their load capacity reduced by 9% when used on light truck vehicles).

In comparison, the Euro-metric Commercial size is assigned a 94/92 Load Index for single/dual applications. Besides the OE Euro-metric Commercial tire, there are no other tire sizes designed to meet the vehicle’s requirements.
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The Continental Vanco Four Season looks to be a fully compliant replacement, probably a hundred or so less than the OEM tire.
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