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Tire Load Rating vs Max Payload

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Can someone explain this to me. In Nissan's owners manual they have the statement

Your vehicle is equipped with special high load
index 94 tires to carry a payload of up to
1,500 lbs (680 kg) as indicated on your tire
information placard. Some aftermarket replacement
tires may have lower load index ratings.
While NISSAN does not encourage you to do so,
please note that if you choose to purchase a tire
with a lower load index rating, the max payload
capacity of your vehicle will be reduced (for example,
tires with load index 84 would reduce max
payload to 750 lbs (340 kg) and tires with load
index 88 would reduce max payload to 1,200 lbs
(544 kg)).

According to this
Tire Load Rating max payload
94 1500 lbs
88 1200 lbs
84 750 lbs

If I look at the load rating charts at Discount tire it says
Tire Load Rating Load lbs.
94 1477 pretty close
88 1235 pretty close
84 1102 not close

What am I missing? I'm look at an NV200 and the tires have been replaced with these and I'm trying calculate how much I could safely carry.


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I would think that each tire Co. has there own limits on there tires If the DOT has set a limit on each category then each tire Co .has there own limits for that load rating.
Hope that helps
The Nissan #'s are load ratings for the vehicle as a whole equipped with those different tires.

The discount tire #'s are load rating PER TIRE.

Not the same thing at all. 1,500 pounds is the rated cargo capacity, to that you add the weight of the vehicle and fuel, it gets adjusted by the weight distribution front to back of the empty vehicle + cargo in the worst case position (say an engine block over the rear axle for instance) + an allowance for weight shift during cornering. The corner with the highest load needs to be under the tires max load rating.
Remember whatever tire you get you need 6 ply rated and the normal tire pressure for the front for NV200 is 44psi and rear is 48psi. If your tire replacement wont handle the normal psi then your TPMS warning will always be on.
latest on tire/wheel size changes?

I'm reading all these many old tire posts on the forum with interest. I want to get a new 2016 or 17 this month but the tire issue is problematic. (as is that unrprotected radiator )

I need a winter tire (I Like the Toyo Observe for my needs) and a sturdier longer wearing all season/summer tire with more a appropriate tread style . I drive on a mix of suburban roads, highway and dirt roads every week. . I can't imagine those OEM tires holding up to the large pointy rocks on some of the dirt roads. (or the radiator holding up to bouncing pebbles ) I carry a light load so a tire load rating thats slightly less than specs should not be an issue there.

question for US and Canadian owners who have changed tire sizes or wheels: what is the result on the display? I have read that in the US a prominent low tire warning covers all the other display data. I recall seeing a thread where a Canadian owner said they just got the warning light. if thats the case perhaps switching out the US Canadian chip set for a Canadian one would give the same light only result? I'm ok with a piece of electrical tape or some sharpie marker to cover a light. though I think Nissan ought to be called out and punished for creating a safety hazard in the name of promoting safety. a large , deep tread , sized, softer rubber tire is what I need for my winter driving needs. they ought to all the computer to be be reset to accommodate this. IMHO.

thanks all.

another question: there are several threads here on the tire issue. whats the best way to connect with some of the others? post this also in the other threads? or?
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