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Traction control and engine light. Throttle issues. Problem codes PO226 P2122 P1526. Struggling to fix!

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Hi all, apologies if this has been posted before. I did look first and see some similar issues but not an exact problem or fix.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Figured if I get it sorted, this could help others! ;)

I have a 2014 1.5dci with 70k miles. Had it since 30k and it's been really great until now!

Only ever previous issue is sometimes the gear shift light stays on no matter what gear you're in. This means cruise control wont work.
I can disable gear shift notifications in the settings to bypass this. It does reset itself itself after a few days and I can use again.

A new battery was fitted a couple of months ago.

The van has been at the garage and now an auto-electrician for 2 weeks and the current problem hasn't been diagnosed yet. They're baffled.
On slowing down, the accelerator kept revving on it's own which caused Traction Control and Engine Light to come on.

I plugged in my (cheap) OBD and received codes:
P0226 Throttle / Pedal Position Sensor / Switch C Circuit, Range / Performance
P2122 Throttle / Pedal Position Sensor / Switch D Circuit Low
P1526 Manufacturer Control
P0380 Glow Plug / Heater Circuit A

The mechanic replaced accelerator pedal, thinking that would fix it but no joy.
They've passed it to an auto electrician who's had it on rollers connected to a computer and after observing, they say it drives fine until brake is used and then all lights appear.
After disconnecting brake sensor the van drives fine. They replaced that sensor (standard sensor part) and unfortunately all lights go back on.
They're now suggesting trying the official sensor part (on order) in the hope that might work but have told me they can't guarantee it.

Any of this sounding familiar to anyone? Suggestions?
Maybe they have to replace several sensors? Electrical fault somewhere?
When the garage(s) are telling me they can't figure it out, it's worrying!
Don't want to spend a fortune replacing parts in the hope of a fix.
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Just feeding back as van is now fixed. This may help others:
Despite issue codes pointing at throttle sensors, issue was with brake sensor which was replaced.
Took a lot of investigation to figure out.
Standard part replacement didn't work but official part did.
Also one of the wires to the ECU was deteriorating so this was fixed.
So far, all good.
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