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Hi All,

I got a 2019 NV200 with only 23k miles. It's a work van and sometimes gets abused by the workers who drive it.

All was great until the past 3 months. The worker was shifting the transmission to D even before the van was fully stopped from reversing, and shifting to R while van was still slowly moving forward in Drive mode... like a "stick shift". I told worker not to do this, but i think i was 3 months too late... I'm not sure if this is exactly the cause of the issue but wanted to mention it.

Now, when i shift from Park to Drive, i hear clunking sounds and some grinding sound coming from transmission initially. Same clunking sound when shifting in Reverse....

Once Van starts driving, the transmission is still very smooth, only issue is when shifting D to R, P etc.

I still have about 1.5 years original 5 year warranty left...

What could this issue be?
Does anyone recognize these symptoms? Or had this issue in the past?

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I haven't ran into that problem with these. Does it do it every time or just at random?
Could be a loose or badly worn mount, the one that stops the engine/trans from rocking back and forth? Cv axle possibly or something worn in the transmission. It's hard to say over the internet.
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