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Tyre wear problems

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We bought a new nv 200 march 2013
find it a grand van actual mpg 42/ 47 fully loaded with boxed parts good van but one major problem .
It keeps wearing the back passenger tyre only on the outside while there is loads of grip left on inside and all other 3 tyres are wearing at same normal rate allowing for front tyre grip being more wearing.
We have been back to Nissan twice and they have checked all the settings and assure us that it is a solid back axle and cant move , however we have now had to replace 2 tyres which are not worn properly .
We are told this is a first but I don't think I am that special .
Anyone else having these problems ??
I don't get the oh thats the tyre when you go into a roundabout that takes all the load theory put forward
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Must be something wrong about the axle measures, get it checked with your Nissan dealer!

Your dealer is yanking your chain. You have an issue. And axles can get bent.
Can you get it checked out by an independent garage? Or try a different Nissan dealer...a 2nd opinion might give you a different answer.
Please let me know what you find out. I have the exact same problem on mine 2010 1.5E uk model.

Garage said they couldn't see anything wrong with it as well and said to get it tested on an Optiflex machine.
My nv 200 is wearing the outside of the front tyres,had the tracking done but didn't make any difference,I don't do a high mileage but I'm going through a set a year,anybody got any suggestions
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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