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UK 2012 Dci Nv200 owner.

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Had the 1.5 dci 'envy' ;) for just under a year and have searched high and low for a forum due to them being a wealth of knowledge.

Looked on here before but just decided to join.

Done a few little mods only to make it a better drive after coming from all German previous vehicles! Ie dynamatted the noisy bits including the uber thin rear arches.

Had a few minor issues I am sure we will all discuss soon.

Speak to all soon.
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Welcome and thanks for adding your thoughts. I'm looking forward to building a wealth of information here. Forums can be a mighty helpful resource if visitors register and contribute.
Hi Aristo, well done on generating the forum, hats off to you!

I imagine its only a matter of time before you will have many members and different sections! General chat, maintenance, mods, for sale etc etc!!!!

Being quite a new model trying to find out any info had been a nightmare!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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