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UK - Van Insurance for SDP + driving to work

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Any recommendations / advice on insuring an NV200 ?

I'm not a business so only need insurance for private use.
But I've read that using a van to drive to work (at a uni) means commercial insurance required.

Seems a bit harsh when the van will usually be empty.
And if there is something in it, it'll be camping gear and/or bikes and/or shopping.
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Hi I was in a similar position to you. After using all the online search engines I could only get a quote for SDP (no commuting) or business. I phoned the best quote to check and they advised me they would look into why this was not an option online to add SDP&C. I took out a SDP only and simply added on commuting to a single place of work for an additional £30. I checked about the need for business insurance etc with it being a van and was advised there was no need. Yes your insuring a commercial vehicle which some insurers will not insure but no need for business insurance (but do double check with who ever you go with). I ended up cancelling that insurance as I was not allowed to add additional Windows and seats so went with a broker and a modification friendly policy.
Good luck
Cheers for that Phil.
Esp the info re adding windows in the future.
I'm going to phone a few insurers today.
I'll let you know how I get on.
I just Google modified can insurance. I found "a plan" insurance cheapest (broker)and I'm with a company called "marker study" who are part of chaucer direct
No extra charge for seats, windows and colour coding bumpers.up to I fact they said as long as j don't turn in I to a £20k camper or massively increase engine power I'm fine just keep them informed of the mods
Plenty of quotes for me coming back at about same as my Corsa. (250ish)
But I was getting 'unmodified' quotes.

Being as I hope to have side windows fitted within a month or 2 of collecting the van next month,
I should probably go back and get quotes again.

Ive found the MarkerStudy website. Cheers.
I'll give them a call.
Ive found that a couple of insurers wont insure if theres side windows fitted.

Adrian Flux have done me a quote for just over 200 ,
and they wont increase it if I get side windows fitted in the future.
Just need to let them know Ive done it.
AF were not very good
I went with brentace (recommended on SBMCC) and that was through Marker study too.

New van, fc, 10k mileage, class 1 business use, no time limit to convert to camper, any mod file etc. And cheaper than AF (half).

Some companies would not insure spouse for business use (!).
I narrowed it down to AF , Brentace & A Plan.
SDP & Commuting. Rear & side windows inc.
AF were 212. About 100 cheaper than the others for same cover.

Nice guy at Brentace told me to snap their (AF) hand off :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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