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US NV200 radio question

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I have a 2013 NV200 SV with the am/fm/cd radio with blue tooth and aux input. Not the one with the screen.
I see there are only two speakers in the doors but there is a rear fader control in the radio. So I am guessing the radio is able to add another pair of speakers.
Has anyone pulled the radio out of their van? Hard to tell what to do to dig into it without damaging the trim.
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Hi JB,

Not sure if this will help, however when I installed a rearview camera in my van, I had the rear doors apart. I haven't seen any added wiring for rear speakers from the factory. Nissan uses that same head unit for a variety of vehicles. I am sure if you had the correct radio harness that allows for rear speakers, you could run your own wiring. At this point, I haven't torn into the dash yet!
A family member has a 2013 Nissan Versa. The stereo (and steering wheel) is identical to the NV200.
Quick Question..... I have the Nissan connect Sat Nav, Radio CD Player, does it need a security code ? as I havnt been given one by the dealer....Just a bit worried as I,m a sucker for flattening batteries !!!!
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