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Van isurance quotes

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So its renewal time in a few weeks so I am going to endure the search for cheaper quotes! Last year was around £600 (I am 36, 9 years no claims and its insured for SDP) I thought that was quite a lot but after shopping around it soon became clear it was because it was a new vehicle.

After brief shopping around this time I am down to £441, but will keep shopping.

What are you paying for your insurance?

And the question is would you pay more for a more recognised company (ie direct line or more than) or go with a lesser known company like donedeal insurance or vanline?

Any input appreciated.
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New van 13 Reg. fully comp. full 9 yrs NCB. £32 monthly with Swinton Insurance Brokers for normal domestic and pleasure use.
So final quote was driven down to £315 with a broker but Chaucer direct as the main insurer, not bad halved since last year!
Oddly Chaucer wouldn't insure me even though I was insured with them on the car I swapped out for the NV. They said it was because it was a Combi
so they classed it as a minibus. Esure came in cheapest at £240, age 46 with 9 years NCD.
Hi all, new poster interested in getting an NV200. I know Nissan is not making them anymore, but i'm looking to buy either a VW Caddy Maxi or an NV200. So i have a question about the different types of NV200 and what they are classed as for insurance, just in case an insurance company tries to pull a fast one on me to get more cash.

So i see you have the MPV type of NV200, with 7 seats typically? And then you have the other types that are more like commercial vans i guess? Is there a different insurance bracket for these or are all NV200's classed the same and if so what exactly are they insured as?

Thanks in advance.
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