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Warped tires & excessive wear @ 22K Miles!

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We are having to change our tires already @ 22K miles. Tried to push for Axcel replacement and was told this did not affect our vehicle since it's a 2014? I find this very hard to believe as hundreds of other owners online are all complaining about the same exact issue. Can anyone confirm what they are saying here is correct? we just paid for alighnment and 4 tires because and I quote the manager "you shouldn't install shelves, this off balances the car" and I said "you realize that it's a cargo van, that's exactly what its made for?"

Here is manager's response:

I have checked with my parts department about your concern with an updated axle. The 2011-2012 NV200 show that there is an updated part number available. Your NV200 already has the updated part installed from the factory as do all 2013-2014 NV200. At this moment there are no bulletins out for the rear axle on any NV200. We do have one bulletin that I have attached for you. It only states that the wear on the tires does not indicate that it needs replacement even though it appears it may.

Sophal Try
Service Director
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