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I am currently using the UltraGauge Automotive OBD2 unit. I had this unit in my 2012 Transit Connect and it worked so when that was totaled I pulled it and set it aside until the first winter of my new NV2200 and I did not know when to turn on the heater fan, so in it went and works great for lots of different items.
If you do decide to use this item there are two things I think I should mention; 1 the intake temp sensor is probably well inside the engine bay and if I turn off the van and start it soon after , it will throw a warning buzzer as the sensor is above 115 degrees farenheit. 2 The other alert that tends to sound is the RPM over rev - This is set for 4000 rpm and will go off if I try to quickly merge on the interstate or pass someone. Both of these alerts can be modified so it really isn't an issue, but just doing that is a bit of a pain. I keep mine showing 4 gauges - Water Temp - Throttle Position - Current MPG - Ambient Temp.
There are some newer versions but this works well and stays magnet mounted on the lower right behind the steering wheel. All the cable is nicely tucked away.
If I remember correctly it has over 70 possible gauges or sensors to display - you can choose to cycle through multiple pages if you want.
Another option a friend uses is a simple OBD2 bluetooth scanner and an old android tablet. The ELM327 works nicely and is only $10 on Amazon.
Hope this helps and let me knwo if you want pictures
I am getting ready to go drive my NV200 which is almost excluisively a mobile dog crate for my English Mastiff Therapy Dog
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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