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sorry my English . Hello to all.
I should mount a heater, but do not know where to connect the tube to catch the diesel.someone is expert in this area ?

this is the tank of the Nissan NV200 15 dci


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Why is the tank off?
I thought the access panel on the van floor accessed the big cover? Though not taken the cover off.
I would put a new pick up mounted in the access cover. Just a small hole (easy to catch swarf) and put in there. Fit it, then fit fuel pipe

I'd NOT tap into the existing fuel line.

That's what i'm planning...

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Webasto Air Top 2000 ST installation Instructions

Hello I'm The Christian from Berlin and drive for 1 year and a NV200

In the signature is my project and shows all my conversions and what I have experienced with my NV200 everything.

I have also built a Webasto Air Top 2000 ST me a few days ago, here the installation instructions are in German

I have here Translated with Google as my English a little difficult as the language. This could be not all understood her how I meant it, but the photos should be able to help you.

So I did that on a Nissan NV200, 1.5 liters of diesel from Year 12.2011

The beginning is always the hardest, because I first had to find the exact point where the holes must go so that the heater sits where Zooom they also installed. Because of course I like so far is still the best.
Prior to the socket must lying behind the driver seat are removed, this is quite easy. Loosen the two screws and remove the plug.

The carpet is so kept behind the seat with a black clip, under the carpet, there is the white plastic counterpart, and exactly this clip is the installation dimension in front, as created

ATTENTION: The rubber seal is here upside down on it!

In my case I had a little to remove the tea-like Antidröhnmasse that goes easiest if one heated with a hair dryer, it can quite easily be removed with a screwdriver.

Now press the clip from the underside of the car out and drill with a stepped drill the hole to the required 26mm.
I have looked on millimeter paper a drilling Schabl without recorded these now aligned, tested, fixed and labeled the other holes with a center punch.

Before I have now drilled more holes, I've created my first under the car space

Then, to entvernen the lines of the drill shot liene

And so the then looks with the 7 holes.

I have long considered and tried as I these two pipes (in the red mark) publishing because it just below the opening of the exhaust are in the found state. Here in the picture I have already solved them when drilling not to damage the fixing bolts.

Just as in the photo so both the right of the left big holes (left large hole is from the exhaust through), would have the disadvantage that it on the fuel supply line (in my case, the diesel supply) is quite narrow or even could exert pressure.
Centrally through the two pipes through the exhaust stuck so I had more space at the fuel supply line.

I dan for the central passageway decided.

In standard installation kit can be found in fact the entire installation material.
What is not there and you have to buy this separately is:
- The exhaust - exhaust muffler 22 (I've taken in stainless steel) Webasto No: 1320895A
- The air intake silencer Webasto No: 9814A
- The heat protection tube which sits above the exhaust (I have read the long version but then only 115 mm of them used) Webasto No: 1319670A
- Heated air manifold D60 so that the warm air from the heater at right angles to flow out to the rear or top, Webasto No: 1320124A
- A couple of clamps you need yet, I've taken existing, Webasto but also for stainless steel clamps on offer
So I first screwed the heater from below with M6 he nuts (SW 10) with the prescribed 6 Nm.
Then the exhaust mounted. The stainless steel flex pipe can be cut very well with a waving grinder (Flex).
To mount the exhausts I have taken the existing angle from the mounting kit but still a little rebent and mounted on the crossmember under the car. With me here a 6 mm thread was present, Perfect Nissan has thought

Then the suction hose mounted to the air intake silencer.
Because I have to the air intake silencer an apron pipelines mounted with an angle.

And now comes the (diesel) fuel pump.
The supplied extension cable to connect the diesel pump is not required, so no need to mount by the heater in the passenger compartment Attach the plug just under the car.

Oh Wierum to the cable at the diesel pump infected do not care.

Here I have also taken the existing M6 thread it from the holder of (brake) lines and mounted with the supplied Silentblock. The clamp at the pump had so ne strong bias it to me simply not succeed yet to spring washer under the M6 it to place mother :( (That's quite a feat in itself) I have simply taken screws Adhesive Medium strength, also holds and is also released again.

Here one sees again the angle for mounting the air intake silencer right in the foreground quite well.

The small line connections with the supplied fuel line are already a feat in itself.
With rubber one could brake cleaner for better lubricity take but I dared in the diesel line just sometimes not. Is but determined other lubricants that are allowed in diesel lines, I would imagine.
Now comes the main interface, the closer I came up to the so warmer it was just taken from me I would have in the moment can do without the entire heater project to me was warmer than just warm your heart. Unfortunately can not save this moment

In my NV200 ter model I can fueling yet entnehemen from the line, the diesel (Europe) went the to the Year 2013, and the gasoline engine must always go to the tank fitting.

I rubbed for a while and repeatedly adapted where the best cut in the line.
Nor should it have a good tool so you can clean the line without cutting through to squeeze. A PE pipe cutter or scissors copper is there better placed than a knife or even a side cutter for the last two tools creates only one new problems which are cut by the line 100 percent can not use.

I have now found a suitable place and I finally dared to do that.
Oh yes, it trickles in the beginning but a lot out of the line and the fuel line connector sit still much, much, much tighter than the small, I was even warmer at heart,: mrgreen: and the S ...... rubber connector would not simply let it stuck. But igendwie we went after all.
I have so about 5-7 cm from the pipe cut so that the T-fitting better into the existing pipe and fit the line can then relocate again similar. (Similarly, easier said than done because a lot of space is not really there and the existing line even to bend the pipe run has indoors. In addition, one must also have sufficient space for access, so you can attach the rubber compound as well.)

This is, strictly speaking, the most frightful point of this installation project.
But was well done after several attempts to start the heater again with hot air auxiliary heater: round:
The car ran without problems start, the fuel pump required a few tries until the fuel (in my case the diesel) by the thin line has finally pulled through. Then it stank terribly short until it finally went over the right burning.
And since they seat now

I have first connected only temporarily, because I do not 100 percent have solved the problem remote.
The control element comes with me in the headliner, the control of Webasto T91 remote control comes under the dashboard and a hot-air sound absorber also comes into it yet.
We continue the day.
Greeting Christian
PS: Everyone is responsible for what he does himself, I take no responsibility.
Maybe that helps even a little further to an air heater in the NV200 installed.
As the cars look at you from below I do not know. Have many other Forumen Worldwide looked like and where others the heater block. And I came to the conclusion that the installation behind the driver's seat is the very best.
Wish you every success at the installation itself you.
Merry Christmas and a successful Happy New 2016
Greeting Christian
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