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I have a mysterious dark oil leak. Very slow but always kicking about.
I took all the shielding off today to do an oil change and finally located the leak.
I have no idea what this part is or what it does.
I may upload a photo tomorrow but it is too dark today.

So, this part looks like a small oil filter pointing downwards.
It is almost directly above the drive shaft on the right side (when sitting in the vehicle).
The leak seems to be from the top of the 'thing'.
There is a little rubber boot which is ripped. Inside the boot is a metal pipe (I think... this is all 'feel' work).

I've looked through here (https://parts.nissanusa.com/nissanparts/?action=replacement&groupid=F&jointvehid=17710&siteid=14 ) - very handy page!.. But I can't ID it.

I've also tried to find info about K9K 896 but have hit a brick wall.... so... has anyone got a clue?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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