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When to change factory engine oil on new car?

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Owners and maintenance manuals that came with the car says nothing about break in periods. The only relevant thing I could find was that the factory fill doesn't need to be changed until the first interval(5000 miles/6 months).

Car was manufactured 9 months ago(09/14). I don't believe the dealer changed the oil ever while it was on the lot since it's new. Car only has 60 miles on CN900 Mini at the moment.

Should I change the oil now or should I put on at least 500 miles before changing(to make sure most of the loose metal has came off)? I don't think the factory fill is synthetic, but I could be wrong.
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Technically you're supposed to get your car properly serviced and looked at according to your odo. But you can do a self check of your engine oil and the other fluids in your car every half a year too. If you think that it hasn't been changed in too long, just get it done. It won't set you back by too much and it's just good practice!
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