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Who would buy new Nissan NV van?

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Just wondering why Nissan started to sell a van as commercial use in America?

They aren't long as Ford extended 15 passengers van.

Also Mercedes Sprinter is much larger van with better gas mileage than VCDS 15.7.

I am looking for brand new passengers van for churchgoers and also carry large supplies.

What special about Nissan NV van? Maybe it only a buyers who specific prefer only Japanese vehicle?
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fantastic Volume-Length-Ratio
the Nissan NV200 has fantastic Volume-Length-Ratio.
More than 4ooo Liter on 4Meter40 length (in japanese-european version)
Please compare with old AMC Pacer passenger car 1976, the same length of both cars.
Put 2 palette 120 x80cm in a Ford Focus 5-door 2011 4Meter36
NV200 has up to seven seats.
You can get three beds, wardrobe and kitchen inside as "zooom Stadtindianer" or "Lunar Vacanza", google finds photos and a test of both.
Is there another car like NV200 significant shorter than VW Passat?
Regards Helmut
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