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Wiring Color Code-Reverse Lights

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Does anyone know the color for the positive and negative wires going to the reverse lights? I have removed the access cover and there are 3 wiring blocks.

I'm adding a backup camera.

Thanks for the help.

2014 NV200 US Model
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Just take out the rearlight,and check the color on the revers positiv cabel..
were you able to find the colors?

From the reverse light I see a few wires coming out, white, gray, red red, black and green. I assumed it was green but there is no power coming from that wire...tried red and camera works, but it's the power to the brake light.
I am also hooking up a reverse cam and needed to know which wires to use. I did not find an answer doing a search so I got out the trusty volt meter and worked it out myself.

On my 2015 NV200 SV my reverse light wires were:

White +
Black -

I hope this helps someone in the future.
I know this thread is old but I'll need to look back at this when I get more vans. You can find the reverse wire under the center console. The plug on the rh side dark green wire pin number 16.
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